Outdoor Play: Fun & Easy Ways to Encourage More of it!

Getting outdoors is amazing for both the body and mind, especially when you are a toddler or young child, AND there is a global pandemic severely decreasing our safe entertainment options. While we cannot help with the motivation to get everyone ready and out the door, we CAN help with a list of fun ways to keep your little ones entertained outdoors for longer.

  1. Give ‘Rock hounding’, or amateur geology a try by searching for interesting rocks and digging in the dirt.
  2. Take the toy cars outside for some off-roading.
  3. Play campfire in the back yard and make pretend meals.
  4. Build a DIY sand box or tree house.
  5. Take Barbie (or similar dolls and figurines) out into the wild and have them pretend to get caught in the rain (with the use of a watering can) or have them go camping or dig for treasure.
  6. Bust out the finger paints and put out a large sheet of paper or cardboard on the grass.
  7. Go bird watching in a nearby (safe) forest or botanical garden and have them look out for new and interesting birds.
  8. Find things like different sized rocks, acorns, twigs, and leaves, and seal them all in different plastic containers. You’ve just created a whole new set of musical instruments!
  9. Look for sea shells and other water creatures at the beach. Find a free, outdoor, printable scavenger hunt to make things extra fun!
  10. Head out into nature and find things around you that start with each letter of the alphabet.

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