New Trends In Home Security Systems For Your Protection

In this day and age, the importance of home security in South Africa and across the world cannot be undermined. The security industry is constantly evolving and newer technologies that use artificial intelligence (AI) are being adopted to keep homeowners safer.


Gumtree gives you an insight into the latest in security systems:

  1. Intelligent video technology

Intelligent video surveillance provides homeowners with the ability to monitor, identify and record activities in and around their premises. During the pandemic, businesses have been combining this with AI to monitor if their employees are social distancing and wearing masks. This technology is also capable of conducting temperature screenings.

  1. Multi-dimensional perception

This technology has taken the video security industry to a whole new level. Intelligent algorithms and more powerful edge computing are now adding ‘senses’ to security systems that can ‘hear’, ‘heat sense’ and ‘smell’, among other capabilities. Thus, they are able to monitor aspects beyond just the visual range.

  1. Visibility 24/7

Homeowners expect uninterrupted performance from their home video security systems regardless of the time of day or weather. Cutting edge low-light technology is one such technology that is revolutionising the security industry. In rainy or foggy conditions, these cameras can switch to thermal mapping/radiation to generate visuals.

  1. 5G and wireless technology

Homeowners are now able to use ultra-high definition (UHD) efficiently to transmit high-quality images using excellent bandwidth and low latency of 5G. Wireless cameras are also ensuing devices can be connected in remote areas.

  1. Cybersecurity

Data privacy has been a point of contention for the security industry for decades. A trend now, however, is the focus of security companies on strengthening cybersecurity standards with the motto ‘never trust, always verify’.

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