My Ad Page Redesign

We feel proud that many of our customers use Gumtree to get the most value from their unused goods and some of them even use Gumtree to run their business. Without a doubt, a user friendly interface for our sellers to manage their ads is critical to their success. Last week, we released a new design for My Ad page with significant enhancements aiming a better user experience for our sellers.


New and updated features in this release

  1. Mobile first user experience; user can easily manage their ad on the go.
  2. Add watchlisted/ Phone revealed into ad performance information; user can have more comprehensive information about their ad performance.
  3. Available feature is now part of My Ad page; user can select feature on the same page.
  4. Feature duration option in drop down list; better user interface for selection.
  5. Remaining days of feature purchased information available on the list
  6. Payment for ad pending on insertion fee is now one click experience to proceed to payment page
  7. Repost with bump-up; user can extend their ad duration and move its ad to the top of list easily with one click.
  8. Delete ad survey; user can now give us feedback when deleting an ad. We love to hear their voices.

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We will keep iterating this page to provide relevant and important information to our users, and to offer tool getting job done. Lots of works are under development and we love to hear from our users. Feel free to send through your feedback. Together, we make Gumtree a better platform for our local commerce.

Stay tuned on new feature release

Raymond Hsu, Product Manager, Gumtree

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