Must-have gifts for kids this Christmas

The three top toys for Christmas 2016 offer something to care for, something to ride and something to build.

Claire Cobbledick, Marketing Head for Gumtree SA, analyses the trendiest gifts available online.



These dolls have an incredibly realistic appearance and there are only 20,000 of them available worldwide. Not yet as big in South Africa as they are in some other countries but Cobbledick says Reborns are catching on fast here.

Joelle is the name of the most expensive Reborn doll so far – it was sold for over R310,000 via US classifieds site eBay.

There are thirty Reborn dolls showcased locally on Gumtree with prices ranging from R2,000-R4,000.



The self-balancing two-wheeled boards which reach speeds of up to 10km/h remain all the rage. The rider controls the board through their feet on a gyroscopic sensor pad.

First introduced in China in 2014, they’ve not been around long enough to go out of fashion just yet, says Cobbledick, and you can find good ones for only R4,500 on Gumtree.



The timeless classic is more popular than ever especially as it keeps kids busy and creative for hours on end.

Lego was created in Denmark in 1932 and the name comes from the Danish words “leg godt” which means “play well”.

Cobbledick says Gumtree has plenty of Lego sets on offer from complete and complex ones for R1,000 to basic kits for younger children as cheap as R75.

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