Making the Best of Homeschool During a Pandemic

The pandemic has changed all of our lives in one way or another, and most likely not for the better. The fear and isolation is hard enough to deal with, but the decision to keep your kids home from school for a while just adds fuel to the fire. Here are a few tips to make home schooling a smoother transition for everyone.

  1. Create a daily schedule. At school, children are used to knowing exactly what is going to happen at what time. They are used to having schedules including when certain subjects are going to be spoken about, when lunch will occur, and when they get to go home. All of this contributes to a reduction in anxiety, so making their home school day similar with schedules and a routine are bound to do the same. Consistency is key!
  2. Create a positive learning environment. Have you ever tried to work from home with screaming people around you and the TV blaring? It is difficult, isn’t it? Children need a quiet, designated space for learning. Find a room or corner of your home to include a desk or table and chairs, as well as a space to hang their artwork or academic posters.
  3. Create opportunities for them to get moving. A regular school day includes at least one session where kids get to be kids, run around, and get some exercise. Home schooling should be no different! Schedule part of the day to include some time to expel some energy which will make the learning sessions that much easier.
  4. Give yourself some grace. Times are tough, and no one expects you to become a prize-winning teacher overnight (or ever!). If a day comes and you just can’t seem to get things right, let it go and try again tomorrow.

What tips do you have for ensuring a stress-free home school experience?

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