Make sure dad is kitted out from top to bottom to beat the winter cold this Father’s Day

Father’s Day always happens to fall in the middle of winter and, to a certain extent, makes gift choices quite simple. It’s almost like a second birthday, where dads often get spoiled by their closest family. Everything from socks, jackets, shoes, or headwear will likely be on most siblings’ wishlist for father dearest.

It has to be said that, by now, most dads are probably used to getting the pre-packaged hampers or buy two and get one free sanitary specials. One of the most challenging family members to shop for is the head of the house. Whether it’s gardening tools or sporting equipment, they often have a wide range of interests, and finding something they don’t already have can prove to be a challenge on its own.

Dads will never say outright what they’d like, but subtle hints will usually be thrown in that direction in a conversation, and they also tend to be the easiest with accepting any gift(s). Just like moms, they also take their children’s bad attitudes and mood swings without getting (overly) upset themselves.

Gumtree lists the best winter-orientated fashionable gifts to buy pops this Father’s Day. You can be sure that he’ll really appreciate it:

Pajamas and slippers

Winter has arrived and with it comes very cold temperatures. Dad might have his ‘old faithful’ piece of clothing (that he has had for years) somewhere in the cupboard but its probably very old. A fresh pair of sleeping apparel and soft slippers will go a long way in quelling the winter bite because the nights are especially colder.


We all know that dads have a tendency for keeping certain items forever or until they are literally falling apart. A watch is one of the most worn accessories where the straps can wear after long periods of time. There’s nothing like the feeling of wearing a brand-new watch and there are quite a few to choose from depending on your budget.


The feet is one of the sections of the body that gets cold the quickest, so having footwear that keeps them insulated and protected is a must-have. Veldskoene have become a must-have for most men because of its flexibility to being worn everyday and to tackle the outdoors Places like Cape Union Mart or Freedom of Movement will stock ‘vellies’. Additionally, it will also go well with a pair of thick socks.

Coat or parka jacket

The rain won’t care if your dad has a jacket on or not and if his usually one is looking a bit worse for wear, a coat or parka is a vital piece of clothing, especially in winter. Not only is it made from thick material for warmth, but has also become trendy so dad will never look out of place wherever he goes.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to shop! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android) and don’t forget to use your location settings to find local service information close to home.

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