Maintaining a Car That You Rarely Use

We get it, it is easy to forget about your vehicle if you are not driving it regularly. But just because a car is not driven often, does not mean things don’t go wrong, or that basic maintenance doesn’t still need to be on the to-do list. Here are a few things that could go wrong with a rarely-driven car and how to prevent them.


What could go wrong? It could discharge.

How to prevent it? Drive the car periodically rather than letting it sit for too long, or attach a trickle charger.


What could go wrong? Flat spots and gradual loss of tyre pressure.

How to prevent it? Check tyre pressure periodically, and take your car for a ride every now and then.


What could go wrong? Surface rust could develop; this would cause a grinding sound.

How to prevent it? When you drive, avoid erratic driving behaviours. Drive as normally as possible.


What could go wrong? It goes bad over time.

How to prevent it? Simply use a fuel stabilizer.

Paint Job:

What could go wrong? It could get damaged if exposed to the harsh elements for long periods.

How to prevent it? Before storing for any length of time, clean it, wax it, and cover it.

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