Main tools every content creator needs

Being a content creator is not an easy job. Content creators need to constantly produce content, innovate and engage their audience, while ensuring the time spent is worth the monetary gains. However, there are several electronic tools and equipment that can help make this process easier and make them more productive. Gumtree outlines the main tools every content creator needs to stand out:

Equipment every content creator needs:

  1.     A high-quality smartphone: Professional content creators should invest in a high-end smartphone with a high-resolution camera, as well as a powerful RAM and processor. Another important factor to consider is the battery life as content creators spend most of their day producing content.
  2.     A superior laptop/desktop: As is the case with the smartphone, not just any laptop will do the job for a content creator. It is recommended to use high-resolution ultra-wide monitors, especially they are dabbling in professional graphic designing or vlogging.
  3.     Tripod: A tripod is an essential tool for a content creator as it offers the capability to shoot alone, without the need for someone holding the camera. Tripods also help with producing less-hazy or shaky pictures and videos.

Online tools every content creator needs:

  1.     Wideo: Nope, this isn’t a spelling error, but an excellent platform to create and simplify video animations.
  2.     GIPHY: Who doesn’t love a good GIF? Content creators can access thousands of GIFs that they can repurpose for their content as well as create their own with ease.
  3.     Snappa: Content creators, especially those who are not adept at creating graphic designs, can use the pre-designed templates at Snappa to churn our unique and fresh posts.

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