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We’re living in a time where it’s getting more and more difficult for your budget to keep up with your lifestyle. And it is not always possible for you to make cutbacks on your expenses, nor would you necessarily want to.

Luckily, you do have options; you can get a second job or take out a personal loan. But even these might seem a little daunting. You can always look to your more creative side for ideas on how to make a little extra on the side. Here’s a list of a few tried and tested projects.

Develop & Sell Apps

If you’re  tech savvy and know all about developing apps, then this could be your time to shine. Technology companies are constantly on the lookout for the next big app. Why not give your idea a try and develop it fully? You might just become the next techie millionaire or billionaire who is living it up like the guys in Silicon Valley, California.

Make Your Computer Work For You

Ever heard of market research and survey sites like Myiyo.co.za? If not, it’s time  to acquaint yourself with these websites. They will reward you for completing a questionnaire or a survey about specific products.

If you’re good at creative writing, editing or are multi-lingual, look into becoming a freelance writer, editor or translator. Sure, there will be tight deadlines and impossible requests, but the money you can make from these jobs can make a substantial difference to your finances.

Try Sales

If you are a convincing salesperson, you can start selling products in your spare time. Tupperware, perfumes, clothing and even food – the list of sellable commodities goes on and on. If it’s something that’s sellable and you have the confidence and skills, you can easily make a small fortune.

 Offer to Housesit, Babysit or Pet-sit

Offer to housesit, babysit or pet-sit for your neighbours and friends or family and friends (family and friends might expect you to help out for free, out of the goodness of your heart). People are constantly looking for trustworthy people to care for their homes, pets and children when they can’t.

Spring Clean Your Home

Go through your home and gather all your appliances, equipment and belongings that you no longer need. Sell it all – even the abs buster you only used once. Look through your closet and put all the clothes aside that you never wear and sell them too. If it’s something that’s never been worn and the tag is still on, try to return it for store credit or cash. You’d be surprised at the amount of money hiding in your home.

You can also host a swop-party. Invite your friends (and their friends) over; everyone brings an item with them that they no longer want or need and trade it for something else.  After all, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Sell Your Hobby

What do you do in your spare time? Paint, sing, cook or make crafts? Try selling your homemade articles at flea markets or online. Look for clubs or restaurants where you can perform over weekends or start your own food cart. You might even be good enough and make enough money out of your hobby that you can quit your day job and do what makes you happy full time.

 Join A Focus Group

You might not know this, but you’re highly valuable to market research companies like Ipsos, Nielsen, TNS South Africa and Frontline Research to name but a few. These research companies are always in need of people to complete research studies for their clients. These studies enable them to explain to their clients how the general public perceive their products and will give them insights on how to better design products for their target markets.

Rent Out A Room

Your home is a goldmine (in more ways than one). If there are empty rooms in your home, why not rent one out? There are always people looking for affordable and safe accommodation. But, be sure to interview the person properly, as you don’t want to end up living with someone you really can’t stand. This is a good way to make your property work for you.

 There are many, many more ways for you to increase your income. Look to what you already have and think of ways you can make your circumstances work for you. Now you don’t really have to make those unwanted lifestyle cutbacks.

Disclaimer: This is  Guest Post provided by Hippo Comparative Services. The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or other professional advice. Hippo Comparative Services (Pty) Ltd does not accept any responsibility for any act, omission, loss, damage or the consequences thereof by the dependence by any person upon the contents of the article.

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