Loadshedding is a pain, but these are must-have items for when it does happen

Unimaginable as it may seem, South Africa has been experiencing loadshedding since 2007 – which is almost 15 years ago. It happens so frequently that people have already accepted it as part of their lives. Depending on the various stages, which can be increased at a moment’s notice, households and businesses are left without electricity for two hours or sometimes more.

The main reason why it was implemented in the first place is to protect the electricity power system from a total blackout. The loss of power not only delays everyday tasks but can cause irreparable damage to appliances brought on by the sudden power surges. In addition, criminals will use the lack of light to their advantage by breaking into homes or hijacking.

One of the worst timeslots for loadshedding to take place is from 4 to 6pm in the evening because for those people making their way home from work, they will be stuck in heavy traffic due to the traffic lights that are out. Dinner plans will also have to be put on hold – prompting some to order fast food.

There is unfortunately no escaping loadshedding and Gumtree lists ways in which to be best prepared for when it happens again:

Surge protector plugs

Once the lights go on again, it releases an extremely fast and intense power spike in your home’s electrical current that can severely damage items like TVs and Microwaves. Surge protector plugs basically get rid of the increased voltage and allows for the flow of a normal current. These type of plugs are usually more expensive and is distinguishable by a red colour.

Portable power supply

No electricity means no Wi-Fi connectivity and that is not ideal for those working from home. Not to fret – there’s a wide variety of lithium battery-operated portable power supply units on the market that have a duration of 2 hours or more when fully charged. It is a nifty gadget to own as an option for loadshedding power-less areas.

Rechargeable LED light

It can become frustrating to navigate around the house and mistakenly bumping into objects – think stubbing the small toe against the edge of the table. Rechargeable LED lights are relatively inexpensive and provides more than enough brightness to light up various parts of the home.

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