Living ‘The Life’ with Gumtree!

“The Life”, a fun concept created for Gumtree by Ogilvy Cape Town and directed by Egg Film’s newest

Recruit, Robin Adams. The ad’s take a harmless jab at the current generation’s Insta-FOMO and offers Gumtree as a wallet-friendly solution.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the new trends and fashions emerging on a seemingly daily basis. This is amplified through social media and often causes some FOMO as we are constantly viewing the jaw dropping lives of the rich, famous, and powerful. In their defense they are just living their “best life” and now we offer you a way to get in on the fun and live the Life you’ve always dreamt of.

“We wanted to create a unique TV advert that combined style and humor – and we think these ads achieved that perfectly. We’re very happy with how they turned out both stylistically and narratively, and are already seeing spikes in our traffic as a result of the campaign.” – Estelle Nagel (Gumtree Marketing Manager)

This tongue-in-cheek campaign conceptualized by Ogilvy Cape Town suggests that it’s not only possible, but it’s actually super easy and affordable to live The Life. Armed with a brilliant concept in walked Egg Films with AFDA graduate and accomplished director Robin Adams, whose treatment brought the scripts and concept to life. Robin had a lot of fun with the scripts and the idea of spoofing the life while showing South Africans an affordable way to obtain it.

Bringing his clear visual style to the campaign, it was a chance for Robin to show off his comedic

sensibility. Attention to detail, fun casting choices and Apatow-worthy timing shine through in these fun spots – “Cyril” and “Kim & Kanye”.

“Robin’s attention to detail really comes through in these spots. Not just with the gorgeous cinematography and art direction, but even how the voice over landed the quirky humour and landed the concept. He is obsessive in the best way possible.” – Taryn Scher (Ogilvy Creative Director)

To prove that The Life is attainable on we even went as far as to source products used in the TVC off of Gumtree, including the stylish baby stroller which was recently won by Jermaine in Midrand.

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