Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Are you in need of a last minute Halloween costume? No fear, we have some awesome and easy DIY costumes for you, that should take no time at all!


Zombie: With The Walking Dead on the rise, this couldn’t be anymore perfect timing for a Zombie costume. Grab some fake blood, rip up some clothes and you’re good to go!


50 Shades of Grey: Do you own some grey clothing and have a hardware store near you? Pick up some free paint chip samples (obviously in grey) and tape them to your grey shirt and pants.


Cereal Killer: Who doesn’t have an old box of cereal lying around? Well, if you don’t, go pick up some small cereal boxes from your local grocery store, tape them on your shirt and carry around a plastic (to be safe) knife.


Ghost: The most classic, easy and simple costume there is. Grab a sheet and boom! You’re a ghost!


Mummy: Grab some toilet paper (don’t tell your Mom you used her last roll) and get a buddy to help wrap you up. Keep wrapping yourself in the TP until you’re fully covered.


Paper Bag Princess: How glamorous! Find a paper bag or potato sack, slap on a crown and there you have it! You’re a beautiful princess!


Werewolf: This one may appear to be plain and boring, but it’s quite mysterious. When someone asks, “What are you?” You can reply sneakily with, “Halloween didn’t fall on a full moon this year.” Muahahaha!


Caught in a Storm: Who doesn’t own a broken umbrella? Put your broken umbrella to use with this costume, tape some newspaper to your leg and slick back your hair. You are now… caught in a storm!

We hope these help you out with your last minute Halloween costume!

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