Laptop or Tablet? That is the Question.

Whether you’re a University student, a work from home parent, or someone simply looking for a home computer, you’ll find yourself faced with the question of: laptop or tablet? Before you go spending your hard-earned cash, check out our guide to choosing which is right for you and your needs.


Most quality laptops will end of costing far more than a tablet due to their extensive performance range. If a laptop is your preferred option, consider checking out the listings on Gumtree for a gently used second-hand laptop to help your money go further. If a tablet is the way to go, you should be able to afford a brand new one for the same price as a second-hand laptop, however Gumtree also has some amazing options for second-hand tablets should you choose to save.


It depends what you need it for, but laptops are created to do more than tablets are, hence the price difference. If you are a University student or a graphic designer, a laptop is most likely your best option. If you are a parent with children wanting to play a few games or if you simply want something easy to surf the net on, a tablet will do the trick.


Tablets win this category simply because they are small and compact. The smaller the easier to transport safely in a backpack or purse. Laptops tend to be bulkier and heavier which is not ideal if you need to carry it around all day.


Are you an Apple or an Android person? You will want to answer this before choosing a laptop or tablet. Once you have chosen your preferred software, do some research to see what apps you would need to download on your tablet to get all the functionality you would like. If you will require some extensive programs, a laptop will be your best bet.


For students or anyone wishing to do a lot of typing, a laptop is likely your best bet, unless you are happy to spend the extra money purchasing a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to use with your tablet. If you opt for the latter, you will also need to purchase either a tablet case that converts into a stand, or a separate stand.


While you can purchase tablets with quite a bit of storage (just like cellphones these days), most laptops are created with the ability to store far more. If you need to store a lot of photographs or other large files, a laptop would be your go-to.

Battery Life.

Because tablets are smaller and often use apps that require less power, their batteries tend to last longer than laptops.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to shop! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android).

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