Land your Dream Job with These Top 10 Job Hunting Tips

Landing your dream job requires more than simply searching for vacancies and sending out a generic version of your CV. You must make sure you are actually the right person for that job, be able to grab the hiring manager’s attention with your email or physical CV, and be prepared with common interview questions, to name a few!

Here are out top 10 job hunting tips to improve your chances of landing the job you want:    

  1. Have and know your career goals. Knowing exactly what type of career you want and which position you aspire to reach is important. Make sure you have clear and realistic goals and determine a plan of how to reach them.
  2. Plan ahead. Determine how many hours per day and how many days per week you can spend on looking for a job and schedule it aside to avoid procrastination. Make sure your resume and cover letter are up to date and ensure you have brushed up on any interview questions you believe will be asked. You will want to be ready to go as soon as you get a call to attend an interview!
  3. Get help on your CV and cover letter. Ask either a professional, or a friend or family member to proof read and offer suggestions on how you can better your resume.
  4. Customize your CV and cover letter. While your experience is your experience, customizing your CV for each position you are applying for can do wonders. What skills has your serving experience given you that will be advantageous to an office job, for example.
  5. Use all job search resources. While social media, word of mouth, and walking around to find vacancy signs are tactics you can use to find job openings, using sites like Gumtree will open up your options dramatically!
  6. Research the companies. Once you find a few listings you want to apply to, do some research into the companies you would be working for. Look into what their company culture is like, what the work environment is like, and what types of products or services they offer. This information will not only help you decide whether it sounds like a place you would like to work at, but also gives you some valuable information to use in your interview.
  7. Be confident. Even if you only meet some of the requirements, apply anyways, and apply with confidence! If you believe your experience and skills will make you a great candidate besides the shortfalls, let it be known. They just might give you the benefit of the doubt!
  8. Have some informational interviews. Schedule some informal chats with professionals working in the types of positions you are looking to acquire. They will have some useful information to help you decide whether or not you actually are a good fit for that career path or not.
  9. Network. Interact with other professionals on a regular basis to develop professional and personal contacts in a plethora of different fields and in different positions. You never know what doors could open for you down the road!
  10. Be prepared for the interview. Before you land an interview, brush up on some common interview questions, like these, and prepare answers to them. Then, practice, practice, practice to ensure you are confident in your answers.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to find your next job! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android).

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