Ladies Work from Home Styling Tips

By now, a lot of us are getting used to working from home, even if it was (and still is) a huge adjustment. While often tough, remote working definitely has its perks – like having no particular dress code, for example!


Like with a lot of big changes in life, your wardrobe is going to have to adapt along with this one. But don’t worry, it is completely possible to both look great and be comfortable.


Here are our top tips for looking and feeling great while working from home.


  • It is very difficult to stay motivated if you simply roll out of bed and start your work day in your sweats. Getting dressed and brushing your hair and teeth can mean the difference between a productive day and an inefficient one.
  • Do a lighter version of your usual office make-up. No need to go full glam every day, but rather add a little mascara, blush, and a light tinted moisturizer.
  • Aim for the business casual look; something comfortable, yet stylish. You must feel comfortable going out in public, but it doesn’t have to be something that makes you look like you are headed for a big client meeting.
  • Focus on the top. Choose either a collared top or a flowy blouse; most interaction you have with colleagues will be via conference call software, like Zoom, so this is all they will see. Then, choose something comfortable, yet not necessarily office appropriate (stretchy jeans or leggings, for example) on the bottom.
  • Along with a presentable and professional top, choose accessories that make a statement or allow you to express your personality.
  • If you don’t feel like wearing a full top and pants outfit, or if the weather is unusually hot, a simple dress will do the trick!


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