Kia Picanto runner

I don’t think there has been a more perfect time for this Kia Picanto Runner to be launched. For those who have had to start over, or start something completely new business-wise, and who still need a delivery car of sorts, or even for those who just don’t need a huge delivery vehicle but just something to deliver their smaller goods in, the Picanto Runner is something to consider.  When you consider the rise of e-commerce, small businesses, and services-on-demand, there is certainly a need for this car.

The standard Kia Picanto is of course a huge seller in this country and wins just about every award in the budget-car section, so you already know it is a great car.The Picanto Runner is the delivery-car version of the standard Picanto. It is designed specifically for businesses that need to deliver a large number of packages quicker and more cost-effectively.

It is based on the Picanto Start which has a 1,0-litre three-cylinder engine with 49 kW and 95 Nm, so not exactly performance-orientated but certainly small and nippy enough for city driving. It has a claimed fuel consumption of just 5l/100 km. Standard features on the Runner include the same as the Start which are a multi-function steering wheel, air-conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, an AUX / USB connection and Radio/MP3/RDS. The seats and steering can also be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

Where it differs to the standard Picanto, is it loses the rear seat bench to create a flat loading area. Metal cargo dividers are added to keep cargo in place while in transit, while the rear windows are laminated to keep whatever load is being transported secure and out of sight. The Picanto Runner offers approximately 820 litres of practical space, with a payload of up to 350kg.

It also has the usual unlimited kilometre, five-year warranty and a 2-year/ 30 000 km service plan but is also covered by KIA’s Corporate Fleet Care Package which includes access to the their 1-hour Express Service, courtesy vehicle rental and Premium Roadside Assistance, which includes minor mechanical assistance, emergency fuel delivery, flat tyre assistance, battery jump-start and towing, to name only a few.

The only other option in this segment is the Hyundai Grand i10 Cargo which starts at R196 500. The Kia Picanto Runner starts at R198 995. We already know that Kia products offer exceptional value for money, and the Picanto Runner is no different. I have been driving the Volkswagen Caddy this past week and at a cost of just under R400 000, I know most of us wouldn’t be able to afford that if we were just starting out. The Picanto Runner offers those of us who need to reinvent ourselves or who just want to get out there on our own and start our own business a way to do that on a tight budget, but still maintaining quality.

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