Keeping Your Car in Tip Top Shape While Not in Use

Leaving a car to gather dust in your garage or driveway can cause irreversible damage to the mechanics that keep them going. Cars are meant to be driven, so if you’re like a lot of us who have ceased to use yours for a while due to the pandemic, these tips are for you.

Give your car a good clean

Bird droppings, or sap from trees can cause damage to the exterior of your car if not cleaned off right away. If you know your car will be sitting around for a while, give the exterior a good clean, and ensure there are no leftover snacks lurking beneath your seats!

Fill up the tank

A partially filled tank is susceptible to rust, which is definitely one thing you want to avoid. Fill up the tank before putting it away in storage.

Change the oil

Before you stick in storage and after, you will want to change the oil, as well as all filters possible.

Disconnect the battery

Goal? To keep the battery from draining completely. Your options here are either to take the battery out completely, or to disconnect the negative cables.

Don’t forget the tyres

A car left sitting for extended periods can cause flat spots on the tyres. Your best option here is to lift your car up on axle stands or blocks. Removing the wheels completely and deflating the tyres is even better, but we may not all have the patience for that!

Check the weather

If possible, keep your vehicle away from any extreme weather.

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