Keep your dog cool during Summer with these easy to follow tips

Winter is officially saying goodbye – for now – and Summer is ready to take its place over the next couple of months. This also presents the perfect time for dogs to revel in some warmer weather.

Pets that were previously accustomed to going for their daily walks were deprived during the implementation of the national lockdown but now that restrictions have been relaxed, its time for owners to dust off those leashes.

Gumtree lists some tips to ensure that your furry friend stays cool under the summer sun:

Have water on hand

Dehydration in dogs is common and it is vital to bring along fresh water along with a bowl. Because of their smaller bodies, dogs lose electrolytes much quicker than humans so it is important to continually monitor their body language for any signs of excessive panting or abnormally fast breathing.

Walk them in a location with trees

Trees provide the best shade to block out the harsh rays of the sun. The overhanging branches present on hiking trails or public parks provide the ideal setting for a walk.

Allow for breaks

Its no secret that dogs love to play but they also need periodic rest in order for their body temperatures to lower. Walk your dog towards a well-shaded spot to allow for some rest.

Do morning walks

The sun is usually at its hottest around 12pm where temperatures can soar and often become unbearable if there is no adequate coverage available. Pets are much more vulnerable than humans so it is best to walk them in the morning when the environment is cooler.

Avoid walking on hard surfaces

Even though dogs have soft pads underneath their paws that provide a tolerance to varying temperatures, prolonged exposure to hotter surfaces can cause issues over time like blisters.

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