Juliet Reviews…The VW Kombi

The Volkswagen Kombi is such an iconic car in this country. One just has to mention David Kramer and his red shoes and you’ll know what that person is talking about. I grew up with one, in fact, I learnt to drive in one. It was quite different then, however, not only was it manual, but the gears were essentially upside down. So first gear was down and second gear up. How to confuse yourself when you’re learning, but here we are.




The Kombi sits just below the Caravelle. The Carevelle being the really fancy one of the lot nowadays, with a hefty price tag to go along with it. Just under about R1.2 million. But that has the business class seating and is really more of a people carrier in the sense that hotels or businesses would use it to transport their guests.


The Kombi is still the family car we have all come to love and know. Albeit a lot more modern these days. This T6.1 generation Kombi has had a recent update with some visual enhancements as well as some bits and bobs inside to make it even more practical.




With the world being so SUV crazy now, many forget that the Kombi is probably one of the most practical and versatile family cars on the market. Even with all seats occupied, which would mean eight people seated very comfortably, there is still an enormous boot for luggage. And something an SUV cannot offer is what is known as the “Van life.” We see it across Europe and America at the moment. Kombis can be converted for those who want to live the nomadic lifestyle of travelling from one place to another and not being tied down or having to book in to hotels etc. You can’t do that with an SUV really.




The engine options include one 2.0l turbodiesel in three different tunes. The more powerful the more expensive. First you’ve got the 81 kW/250 Nm engine, then the 110 kW/340 Nm, and lastly the most powerful 146 kW/450 Nm unit.

One would just need to consider how full the car is going to be on those long road trips to determine if you need the most power.




The Kombi is by no means a budget buy, but it offers so much in terms of space, practicality, versatility and comfort. It offers something that SUVs can’t and I think it is such a great alternative to any of the SUVs we see on the road. If you are on the hunt for a family car, then the Kombi has to be near the top of your short list.




  • 0 TDI 81kW Trendline: R728 700
  • 0 TDI 110kW DSG Trendline: R758 100
  • 0 BiTDI 146kW 4MOTION DSG Trendline Plus: R909 800




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