Juliet reviews…The Suzuki Swift Sport

 “Good things come in small packages.” Never has a saying rung more true than when referring to the Suzuki Swift Sport. It is a little pocket rocket, a stick of dynamite, a dark horse, if you will. The standard Suzuki Swift is nothing to really write home about, however, with that said, it is probably one of the cars I recommend the most to car buyers looking for a budget-buy. It is a fantastic product, but if it is a thrill you’re after, well then it has to be the Swift Sport.

This latest model, which was launched last year, boasts the new Boosterjet engine under the bonnet. This 1.4-litre turbocharged unit replaces the previous generation’s 1.6 litre naturally aspirated engine. It produces 103 kW of power and 230 Nm of torque. Now I know you’re thinking that these numbers seem rather low for what is considered a sporty car, but bear in mind that this new model has shed 90 kg and so now weighs in at a feathery light 970 kg. So now you can imagine just how much fun can be had in this little beast.

You have a choice between a six-speed manual or a brand new six-speed automatic transmission. My advice; opt for the manual. If you are in any way a driving enthusiast you will be very grateful for this advice. There is nothing wrong with the automatic transmission, but the manual provides just a little bit more fun. It is more engaging and I think when you get behind the wheel of the Swift Sport, you want to feel engaged! The ride is also worth mentioning. It is a comfortable and smooth drive. Whether you are zipping through traffic or whizzing on the highway. And with it being so light, fuel consumption is also not crazy high like you would usually find on performance cars. It is claimed at 6.1l/100 km but I have achieved an average of 7.1l/100 km. I think once you get over the excitement and drive it a little more conservatively, you will be able to get that number lower. Then again, don’t drive conservatively, have more (safe) fun rather.

The interior is perhaps the only slight let down. Only in terms of its lack of wow factor. It doesn’t feel particularly special. The infotainment system lacks in terms of modernity and style. It has all the usual suspects, but it just feels a bit outdated. It goes without saying that the Swift Sport is not the most practical car around. It isn’t very spacious and the boot is rather small. But then again, once you get going and start to have fun, the interior becomes insignificant any way. 

The Suzuki Swift Sport is a car for those driving enthusiasts who love a bit of a thrill but don’t have the budget that stretches to the premium performance models. It’s not a practical buy. It is a buy for the sheer love of driving.


​1.4 TURBO MT – R327 900

1.4 TURBO AT – R347 900

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