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A stoep, stoop, porch, veranda or portico (whatever tickles your colloquial fancy) is loosely defined as a roofed platform along the outside of a house, level with the ground floor. It is, however, more than that …

It’s a place where you can enjoy a sundowner after a hard day’s work, a place where you kuier with friends and discuss whatever is on your mind, or where you cuddle up with a good book on a glorious day. It doesn’t have to be a physical place, built out of bricks and mortar either …At Charmont Media Global’s CyberStoep all these activities are happening digitally. This website aims to entertain as a flock of journos review, give their opinion and write about absolutely anything and everything under the sun.

“Charmont’s two flagship magazines (FOCUS on Transport and Logistics and SHEQ MANAGEMENT) are performing exceptionally well, but they are very specialised publications,” says Jaco de Klerk, CyberStoep’s Stoep Manager. “CyberStoep, on the other hand, allows us to diversify our offering, which means more material for our readers and an array of topics for our journalists to write about – in short, fun all-round.”

This “diversity” is exactly what sets the Stoep apart from other Postslifestyle websites, which mainly focus on a certain demographic, specific market segment or product offering. “There is no topic too controversial, place too far flung or product too scarce that can escape our Stoep’s chitchat,” adds De Klerk.

“We’re also open to suggestions and would love to build good relationships with our readers,” he continues. “Please let us know if there is a specific topic that you would like us to tackle or something we should review.”

Charleen Clarke, Co-owner of Charmont Media Global and Stoep Director, says that the launch of CyberStoep is yet another positive step forward for the company. “Contrary to current trends within the media space, Charmont Media Global is experiencing exponential growth. In fact, we have been adding to our head count on almost a monthly basis!” she notes.

Clarke believes that the success of Charmont is due to the passion of its dynamic team. “We love what we do, and this shows in our end products,” she emphasises.

CyberStoep epitomises this philosophy. “Our growing team of writers focuses on their individual passions – be they cars, food, parenting or whatever. Because our writers are so passionate about their subject matter, the end result can only be exceptional. This is certainly a fun project for us,” Clarke maintains.

Here are some titbits of what you can expect from CyberStoep:

A second-hand story

How long do you think it takes to find a decent second-hand car? With over 40 000 vehicles currently listed on AutoTrader (as just one of many available platforms) you’d think it would be easy …

The King of Kitsch re-crowned

Vladimir Tretchikoff – a Russian artist renowned for his paintings, inspired by his early life in China, Singapore, Indonesia, and later in South Africa – might have been crowned the King of Kitsch, but his work still inspires …

Fun and games in the new Cherokee!

No one knows exactly where the Cherokee tribe got its name. Some say it comes from the Choctaw word Cha-la-kee, which means “those who live in the mountains”. Others say it comes from Choctaw Chi-luk-ik-bi – meaning “those who live in the cave country”. Bearing this in mind, we took the very latest Cherokee to Mpumalanga, which is home to both mountains and caves …

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