Jobs that allow you to travel

Everyone dreams of travelling the world, seeing breathtaking attractions and experiencing a plethora of new cultures previously unknown. The reality of the situation is that travelling is an expensive exercise – not least because of the fluctuations in worldwide currency.

Besides having all the valid travel documentation and return tickets, having sufficient capital for your stay and spending money is vital. For some, it’s done on an annual basis while for others, it is a once in a lifetime experience that they’ve been saving up decades.

Depending on the job sector you’re in, there is a way to bypass saving up loads of money just to travel – call it a job hack of sorts. There are quite a number of jobs that allow for daily travelling both locally and abroad.

Gumtree lists some jobs that require travelling as part of the duties and responsibilities:

Motoring or Journalist

Vehicles are being launched almost on a daily basis in South Africa and across the country. In order for automakers to better market their product, they invite the media to test drive and review their vehicle. Most launches take place locally but there are also international invitations. Everything from accommodation, catering and flights are all paid for.

Film and Media Production

Movies are never shot in the same location so travelling is obvious. Most scenes are shot in different locations and to capture on-screen emotion as well. AFDA, CityVarsity and Beyond Borders Film School are some of the popular institutions across the country.

Flight Attendant

The crux of this career involves spending most of the time onboard an airplane. Attendants might not sit in comfort and leisure like the passengers but setting foot in a different country or part of South Africa on a daily basis is a treat that few can experience.

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