It’s not just for show – these are the benefits of a laptop stand

Laptops, just like smartphones, have turned out to become a modern revelation since the very first example was introduced in the early 80’s. They’ve gone from bulky and slow to fast and compact – moving with the times.

The ‘vegetable’ personal computer setup has long been the way to go but the emergence of lightweight and portable laptops over the decades are now the preferred choice for many. A laptop can virtually be placed on any surface or connect to any TV with an HDMI input to watch a movie or act as a bigger screen.

Most electronic appliances, have built-in fans to cool down and channel excess heat away – a PC or laptop is no exception. Maybe you might’ve seen someone at work mount their laptop on a stand and wonder what purpose it serves?

A laptop stand is not just for show, Gumtree lists the benefits of snagging yourself one:

Level adjustability – The majority of wooden ones usually slant downwards with a ridge at the bottom to hold the laptop in one position. This allows the user to tilt the screen itself to the desired position. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, there are ergonomically designed options that allow for easy height adjustment.

Improves airflow – Most of the cheaper stands are made from wood and have openings on the base to allow for the flow of air from the laptop’s fans. There are others that has one or more built-in fans into the surface to keep a consistent stream of air circulation to prevent the laptop from getting too hot and possibly shutting down due to overheating.

Protection from spills – The arch enemy of any electronic device is water or any form of liquid that can cause catastrophic damage to its inner workings. Accidents are just part of life – maybe you moved your hand too fast or a little one knocked against your work station. Having the laptop elevated via a stand means less risk of any liquids falling directly onto it.

Eyeline posture – A laptop screen should be at eye level. When placed on a flat surface such as a desk or table, the user often finds themselves looking downwards to the screen which can cause back and neck pain over extended periods of time. A straighter body posture means better seating comfort and less pain.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to shop! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android) and don’t forget to use your location settings to find local property information close to home.

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