It’s never too late – Here’s how to obtain your matric as an adult

The importance of finishing high school and obtaining the ensuing senior certificate is one of the most important things to have. In order to pass, you need a minimum of 40% for your home language and 40% for another two subjects. You can fail a first additional language subject but you must then get 30% or more for the other six.

Some unfortunately drop out of high school due to mitigating circumstances, with the intention to complete it at a later stage – though not all get around to doing so. When it comes to getting a job, one of the first things companies look for on an applicant’s CV is whether or not they have obtained a National Senior Certificate.

There are companies that are willing to employ applicants with no matric but they are sometimes few and far between – often with a very low wage/salary packet. The truth is that, even if you do not have the adequate experience for a particular job with a completed NSC, employers will most likely employ you and then provide you with the necessary training.

Gumtree lists the level scoring system that is currently being used:

Level 7: 80 – 100% (Outstanding achievement)
Level 6: 70 – 79% (Meritorious achievement)
Level 5: 60 – 69% (Substantial achievement)
Level 4: 50 – 59% (Moderate achievement)
Level 3: 40 – 49% (Adequate achievement)
Level 2: 30 – 39% (Elementary achievement)
Level 1: 0 – 29% (Not achieved – Fail)

A NSC is needed in order to study further at the majority of tertiary institutions across the country, which makes it important to finish high school either now or at a later stage. Thankfully, an opportunity exists that allows individuals to write the Amended Senior Certificate exams laid out by the Department of Basic Education.

Gumtree lists these tips on how to obtain your matric certificate:

Getting started

Candidates can register at any provincial education office (which includes the provincial head office, the district office or a circuit office) or online on

What you’ll need

  • Completed registration form.
  • A certified copy of your ID document or birth certificate or passport (for foreign candidates).
  • Repeater candidates must attach a copy of their previous highest qualification.
  • Proof of address.

Pass requirements

Exams usually take place in the middle of the year in June/July. Candidates need to pass at least five subjects and obtain at least 40% in three subjects, one of them being a Home Language, 30% in two other subjects, one of which must be an official language at First Additional of Home Language level, and obtain a sub-minimum of 20% in the final exams.

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