Is Karate considered a sport?

Names like Bruce Lee, Bolo Yeung and Jet Li are known all over the globe as being the best martial artists of their time. Whether it was for their fighting style or unique physical capabilities (like Bruce Lee’s One Inch Punch), their names will forever be written down in folklore.

There are many online references that state where Karate originated – with some sources tracing roots to India. Although karate in its present form is less than 200 years old, its roots go back thousands of years. This art originated on the island of Okinawa and its early form was heavily influenced by the ancient Chinese martial art known as Kung Fu.

Despite the violence that some karate movies depict on the big screen, the art is largely considered as a form of self defence where low stances and rigid footwork allows for quick and flexible movement that can be fairly effective in a real fight. Taekwondo, on the other hand, is considered one of the deadliest forms of martial arts in the world.

Karate has had a tough time with regards to being included and recognised as an Olympic sport. Finally, in 2020, karate made its long-awaited Olympic games debut that took place in Tokyo – though it remains to be seen if it will be included at all going forward.

Gumtree lists 3 reasons why martial arts is beneficial to someone:

  1. Learning self-defence – Should you ever find yourself in the situation, it teaches you how to keep your opponent away and know when to close the distance through solid footwork and lightning-fast strikes.
  2. Accelerated weight loss – To lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. Because karate is a full body exercise, it allows you to burn upward of 300, 400, and even 500 calories in a single session.
  3. Mental improvement – Before a punch is even thrown, students begin to recognise the consequences of their actions through mental preparation and self-discipline when in a high intensive situation.

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