Introducing Instant Messaging on our App!

On Wednesday, Gumtree South Africa will launch an app update that includes instant messaging functionality that allows buyers and sellers to ask questions and/or reply immediately.

The app is perfect for those who want to buy and sell quickly and easily. Notifications are received every time a prospective buyer sends a query.

The new feature was inspired by users, who requested this functionality because they wanted more immediate contact on the platform. “Our users are primarily mobile, and used to instant messaging with their peers – this fits in perfectly with their lifestyles and preferences,” says Claire Cobbledick, Head of Marketing for Gumtree South Africa. “We always closely monitor our customers’ Feedback to make sure we’re providing them with what they need.”

Cobbledick says that, with Messaging integrated into the app, the process of buying and selling on Gumtree will be even quicker. “Sellers can sell much faster since they are able to answer queries immediately. Buyers can ask questions and expect to receive a faster response.”

The Message Center indiscriminately receives comments from any platform – desktop,mobile, or from any other app user. In addition, the app sends a push notification to the user every time a new message is received.

The new functionality will also “mask” emails to protect the identity of buyers and sellers.

“Our goal has always been to make success “as easy as Gumtree”, as our slogan says, and this is just another way of doing that. We encourage our customers to keep sending us their feedback – we love listening to their suggestions!”

The app can found on various app stores.

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