Introducing a New Selling Experience on Gumtree

A critical part of the work at Gumtree is building tools to help sellers succeed in selling. Not long ago, we launched the new “View Advert Page” format (examples here) and a new “My Ads” page (access yours here.) This week, we’re very excited to launch a new post ad experience and an ad completeness meter. Both of these components have been completely refreshed to be mobile-first and seller-first.

What did we change?

Moved to Google Maps to pick location
A majority of the Internet has now moved to Google Maps as the default tool for mapping, so we are migrating to that as well. We are confident it will provide a better overall experience to the whole community. You can input any landmarks or address as your listing location. We take special care of your safety, so your exact location will NOT be made public unless you specify to do so. If you do not want to disclose your location to Gumtree, feel free to enter a landmark as a meeting point instead.

Streamlined things we ask you when posting
When you provide details of your car such as make, model, year, and kilometers, we automatically populate your ad title and description with the details. This will save you time and make sure buyers know what you are selling. You can still edit your ad details at any point. Also, when you first upload an image, we try our best to suggest a category for posting using image recognition.

Streamlined things we ask you when posting – Part 2
In the post ad page, we have moved most of the details to the “edit my ad” page, so you can get your advert live as quickly as possible. Some exceptions apply. When you post a puppy or kitten for sale, we now require you to provide birthday, so we can verify if it adheres to the Gumtree Pets Code of Practice. When you post a car or bakkie for sale, we ask you to provide make, model, year, and kilometers because these are the top questions buyers would ask you.

Suggestions to complete your advert
While your ad will still go live with minimal details, we believe more details can help you sell faster. We have distilled a 10-point check that we think will help your advert stand out the most. To access this, simply go to your advert while logged in.

Sell on Classifieds

This new selling experience marks a big step towards making sure the experience for Gumtree sellers is first-class. Later this year, we’ll launch more updated pages to help sellers manage their adverts from any device. We’d love your ongoing feedback as you use Gumtree to sell and to manage your listings, so feel free to send through your feedback. Together, we can make Gumtree a better platform for all of South Africa.

Ready to sell something? Click here to post an ad.

Eric Cheung, Product Manager, Gumtree

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