Interesting facts about the newborn phase

When you have a baby, the newborn phase is beautiful, challenging and fleeting. Time goes by so fast that before you get used to it, your adorable baby is already an infant and then a toddler. But there are lots of little things parents don’t realise or cherish about the newborn phase. Gumtree outlines some of the most interesting aspects of the newborn phase you may or may not know.

  1.     Newborn babies look like funny little people as they are red and wrinkly with a layer of fine hair called ‘lanugo’.
  2.     The first poos are strange-looking as they comprise meconium that is black and green, to the shock of most new parents.
  3.     Newborn babies need sustenance for their rapid growth and need to be fed every 2 hours, which can be exhausting for new moms.
  4.     Even though newborn babies sleep most of the day, they can be awake most of the night too.
  5.     Newborn babies cannot see very well and their vision is restricted to 20 to 30cm only, which is the distance between them and their parents’ faces.
  6.     As a newborn baby has very sensitive and delicate skin, you do not need to give them a full bath every single day. Instead, a thorough and quick wipe-down is sufficient.
  7.     As newborn babies have narrow nasal passages, they may make lots of strange noises including grunts, squeaks and snorts.
  8.     As newborn babies have been living in water for 9 months before birth, their exposure to the outside air may make their skin flaky, leading to peeling and irritation.
  9.     Newborn babies are usually traumatised after being in a dark, safe space for so long. Expect them to cry for several hours a day as this is their only way to express themselves.
  10. Finally, bonding with a newborn baby is different for every mother. Some fall in love instantly, while others may take a few days. However, if you have any negative feelings towards the baby, do contact a doctor to check for postnatal depression.

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