Independent Massage Therapist Versus Working at a Salon

We are sure if given a choice, most of you would jump to the prospect of getting a relaxing massage right now. After all, who doesn’t love being pampered and rejuvenated? And of course, if you are a licensed massage therapist, we think you truly have magic in your fingers! For those massage therapists looking to grow, how do you choose between being independent or working at a salon or chiropractor’s office? Gumtree helps you decide.

Pros of being an independent massage therapist:

  1.     You are your own boss and have the upper hand to control the prices of your service.
  2.     You can also decide your working hours.
  3.     You have the opportunity to either work at one venue (maybe your home) or have a mobile service (visiting clients’ homes).

Cons of being an independent massage therapist:

  1.     Finding clients, marketing and advertising is your responsibility completely.
  2.     If you decide to rent a space to carry out the business, you may be bogged down by high overhead costs.

Pros of working at a salon/company:

  1.     There is less responsibility, especially in terms of financing, marketing and advertising.
  2.     A salon will have a loyal base of customers who will come streaming in at regular intervals. There is also a receptionist who will make bookings and schedule your day for you.
  3.     Most corporate spas provide their massage therapists and staff with benefits including insurance and paid leave.

Cons of working at a salon/company:

  1.     As salons and commercial enterprises are looking to make profits, they may book more clients than you can handle in a day.
  2.     Overworking and long hours can lead to frustration and burnout.

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