If you’re new to the job market and want experience, these are the job sectors to consider

One of the most significant problems South Africa faces at the moment is unemployment. According to Statistics South Africa, the official unemployment rate stood at 34.9% in the third quarter of 2021. The numbers don’t lie and it is clear that South Africans need jobs.

Parents will always stress the importance of finishing (high) school no matter what. It is a fact that more companies will hire an individual that has successfully completed Grade 12. What it does is open the opportunity for entry-level employment and also provide access to a tertiary level of education.

In order to get ones feet wet in the job market, an entry-level job is often the best way to do so and then from there, the possibility exists to move onto something better in future with more experience.

Gumtree lists the job sectors that first-time job seekers are likely to achieve employment:


Representatives are responsible for identifying potential customers and selling company products. The sales pool is vast and can include anything from insurance or gym contracts. A fixed basic salary is usually offered but the opportunity to make more money exists in the commission structure, so ones salary can be high or low depending on the work put in. Depending if you have a vehicle or not, some companies also offer courtesy vehicles.

Customer service

Companies and recruitment agencies are always on the lookout for people to come and work in the customer service arena. A usual requirement is a completed national senior certificate and basic telephone etiquette. The working of shifts is likely because most local companies serve international clients which operate on different time zones.


Much like customer service, working in the retail sector also has to do with interacting with clients – only this time it is physical interaction by greeting and assisting customers in a store. This type of work requires you to be on your feet most of the day and possibly work on weekends or public holidays as well.

Internship (applies to any sector)

An internship is when an employer offers a potential employee, called an intern, the opportunity to work for a company for a specific period of time. Not only is it an easy way to gain experience in a particular field but can also lead to first probationary and then permanent employment. It is also worth remembering that internships often have fixed stipends, with most not exceeding the R5 000.

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