How Zoom Can Foster Connections Between Grandparents and Grandchildren

With lockdown and social distancing being the norm for the last year and a half, families, such as grandparents and their loved ones, have been forced to isolate. Zoom, WhatsApp video and other video conferencing platforms were the preferred choice to ‘spend’ quality time together. Gumtree outlines a few ways in which Zoom can foster face-to-face connections.

  1. Download and print Sudoku or crossword puzzles for grandparents and grandchildren in advance so they can solve the clues together on Zoom. This can help build children’s vocabulary and hone their problem-solving skills with the help of their grandparents.
  1. Grandchildren can enjoy reading time with grandparents through picture books, novels or just online content both generations enjoy.
  1. School-going children do show-and-tell in their schools almost every week. Encourage your child to do a special show-and-tell for the grandparents on Zoom.
  1. Play games such as I-Spy by turning the camera towards a busy background such as a bookshelf or toy cabinet. The grandparents and grandchildren can take turns to choose objects and have the others guess what it is.
  1. Build a list of items (such as a scavenger hunt) that can be found around the house. The grandparents can set a timer and ask their grandchildren to find these from their own home. This activity can be made even more fun and competitive when they try and beat each other’s times.
  1. Use Zoom in the kitchen and let the grandparents teach the kids simple comfort recipes such as no-bake cookies or custard.
  1. Craft can also be a wonderful way to spend time between grandparents and grandchildren on Zoom. Knitting, painting, Play-Doh and other activities are an absolute favourite.

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