How to Write a Winning Property Rental Ad on Gumtree

Renting out your granny flat, a spare bedroom in your large home, or an investment apartment is a great way to make some extra income or to supplement the cost of your bond. But, finding a quality tenant is not always as easy!

With the help of a winning rental ad on Gumtree, however, the process will be easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Photos are worth … everything. On average, ads on Gumtree with photos receive 5-10 times the amount of views. If you think about it, would you want to go take a look at a property for rent without having any indication of what it looks like or the condition it is in? Take clear photographs in daylight for the best results. And don’t forget to include a photograph of every single room, as well as the garden or patio, if there is one.
  2. Think like a renter. When crafting the core description of your rental property, think like a renter. What sort of amenities or features would you be after? Make sure to include all unique selling points like an extra bedroom, a large outdoor patio, recent upgrades, or a pool as these are things that will attract renters. Make sure you put all special features and add-ons as close to the beginning of the description as possible to grab their attention right away.
  3. Understand the mind of a renter. Finding a new place to live is an emotional decision, so don’t create your ad with only money in mind. You will be dealing with real people with lives and families, so include details about what the previous renters loved about the home, what the neighbourhood can offer in terms of schools, shopping, restaurants, and parks. The more a renter can picture their lives in your rental property, the better. A potential renter having an emotional connecting with the space could make all the difference.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to list your property for rent! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android).

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