How to Walk for Meditation Purposes

During the past year and a few months where gyms have been open and closed numerous times due to COVID-19 restrictions, most of us turned to the great outdoors to get some exercise. For many, that meant simply getting a good walk in before or after work.


While we are all aware that walking has amazing health benefits, there is one benefit that is often overlooked, or is simply not known: it is one of the best and easiest ways to meditate and calm your mind.


Here are our top tips to ensuring you maximize the meditative benefit of walking:


  1. Be mindful of your form. Yes, we all know how to walk, but walking for meditative purposes takes a little more thought than simply putting one foot in front of the other. Walk tall with your shoulders relaxed, and let your arms hand and swing gently from your shoulders. Move fluidly by placing your heel down first and then rolling through to your toes.
  2. Focus on your breathing. When walking for meditative purposes, the way you breathe is just as important as the actual way you walk. Your goal here is not to burn fat and increase your metabolism, it is to increase mindfulness and relaxation; this is done by focusing on the way you breathe. Long, deep breathes in from your nose, and long exhales from your mouth is the way to go.
  3. Avoid multi-tasking. The worst thing you can do is multitask, so turn off any music or podcast you have playing, as well as your phone notifications so that you are not interrupted.


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