How to vet a service provider you find online

Using classifieds to find a plumber, beautician or housesitter nearby is convenient and a great way to support your local community. But how do you know whether or not they are legitimate? Here are our tips.

  • Ask for references. Usually they will have one or two clients they can refer you to. Ask questions about punctuality, quality of work, etc
  • Ask for pictures of completed work. You can do a reverse image search to make sure the images weren’t simply taken from Google search.
  • Do research on social media. Read their reviews and search for comments about their work. Treat complaints as red flags.
  • View their Gumtree profile. If they’ve been using the site for months or years without complaint, they are likely to be legitimate – we remove users if we get complaints about them.
  • Pass on the favour! If you are happy with their work, leave a review or write to Gumtree at We appreciate it!

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