How to Use Social Media for a Job Hunt

Searching for a job requires creative use of all your resources. Social media is a powerful tool that can help you make connections that lead to a future position. The key is to know how to effectively use social media for your job search. Utilizing the proper tools can help you find a job faster than other methods.


LinkedIn is designed as a social platform that allows professionals to connect with others in their fields of expertise. It is one of the largest marketing opportunities available for job seekers. Set up and flesh out your LinkedIn profile with as many details as possible. Include information about your educational and professional background, as well as lists of professional achievements, personal skills, and other details that pertain to the work you do. Think of your profile as your online resume, visible to whomever chooses to look at it. After you setup your profile, start making connections with people in businesses you want to apply to. Search for friends and former co-workers who can help you connect with others you know. The more connections you have, the more opportunities to network and find a job.


Twitter also offers connections, although interaction can seem more fragmented. Set up your profile using your full name if possible. Do not choose a nickname for a professional account, as it makes you hard to recognize and might be seen as immature. Develop connections by following companies you might want to apply to, as well as any executives at those companies who have business related accounts. Search your feed daily to see if any places post about openings and tweet your interest.


While Facebook is typically used for socialising with friends, it can also be a great tool for getting your name out into the industry you wish to connect in. The first step in using Facebook for a job search is to actively look for and like pages of businesses, companies, and people related to your field of interest. Check your feed for posts from them, or check their pages daily. Comment and interact when they post something related to their business. Someone looking for a teaching position could like the pages of local schools, and then respond to posts when the school shares about activities or events. This gets your name on the page, so it will be recognized when you apply for a job.

General Tips for Using Social Media to Find a Job

Start your networking on the social media site you are most comfortable with and then branch out from there. Using more than one tool increases your chances of getting a job and allows you to connect with people on multiple platforms. Make sure you update your profile as you accomplish new goals and have new experiences. When choosing a profile picture, make sure it looks professional and if possible, use the same picture for all of your profiles. If you already have a personal Facebook and Twitter feed, consider setting up an entirely separate professional profile that you use just for your job search and networking.

Social media websites open many doors that traditional job searches cannot. Knowing how to use social media for your job search wisely and efficiently will help you reach your goal of getting a job. Even for those uncomfortable with computers, having at least a LinkedIn profile increases the chances of getting noticed by a potential employer. Learn how to maximize your presence on social networking websites and find a job faster.

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