How to Stay Fit at Work

With full work schedules, many of us find it difficult to find enough time and capacity in the day to add in a workout to stay active and fit. However, the list of excuses can go on and on until we take charge and realize there are easier ways to go about it! Here are some simple ways to exercise at work.

  1. Take advantage of your commute to and from work. If your place of work is within a 20-minute walking distance from your house, sure you could take the lazy route and drive 5 minutes to get there, but using that time to cycle or walk to work is a great way to get a workout in.
  2. Get a standing desk. It may sound uncomfortable, but in reality, working at your laptop while standing is amazingly ergonomic and will do wonders for your back and neck muscles. They are a great way to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and promote movement, as well as productivity.
  3. Exercise at your desk. Take short breaks every hour or so by taking a short walk around or doing simple exercises that do not require any equipment.
  4. Grab a stability ball. If a standing desk is not an option for you, opting for a stability ball instead of a chair is another great ergonomic option. With one of these, you can schedule in some quick core and abdominal exercises using only your body weight.
  5. Exercise during your lunch break. Most people get at least 30-60 minutes for lunch each day, so why not grab a quick workout and a smoothie before heading back to the office?

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