How to remove rust off of certain steel items

Rust build-up is an enemy of most iron and steel-based when it is exposed to oxygen and water for a prolonged period of time. Besides not making the item look very attractive, if not properly looked after, the rust can cause irreparable damage.

Often when moving house or when life just gets too busy, items can get lost or even fall into a place totally out of view until they’re eventually found – though not in the best condition. Fear not, if a vintage coin or ring has some rust build-up, it can still be restored to its former glory without breaking the bank and from the comfort of your home.

Rust build-up on smaller items like rings can be prevented altogether simply by means of regular cleaning. There are places that can also clean item for you but the price often depends on size and how bad the damage is.

Gumtree lists a few ways to remove rust off of certain steel items in your home:

  1. One of the first ways in which to treat surface rust is with a liquid cleaning polish like Silvo. The application normally removes any residue and discolouration as well.
  2. If the rust build-up goes below the surface then putting the item in water mixed with either lemon juice or pure vinegar for about 30 minutes, eats away at the rust and any other baked on dirt.
  3. The more severe type of rust will need to be sanded down by means of either a steel brush or sandpaper. This method effectively removes any sort of rust, though the once affected area will be different in colour.

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