How To Register Your Car In a New Province

If you are the owner of a vehicle, new or second-hand, you know you have to register it with the relevant authority of the province you live in. This traffic registration number can be obtained by visiting the licensing department, filling out the relevant form and paying the fee. Once registered, you receive a motor vehicle license disc for your vehicle.

But what happens if you move to another province? Well, the process of changing the address to register your car is not complicated but it may be time-consuming. You will need to fill out the Reg 52 documents for ‘Procedure for change of particulars of title holder or owner of registered motor vehicle’. Gumtree explains the procedure forward.

In the event of a move and your postal or street address of your existing vehicle registration changing, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Submit a ‘notification of change of address or particulars of person’ form to the relevant authorities in the province you have moved to.
  1. The authority will also provide you with a list of official documents that you must submit along with the form.
  1. Once you have submitted the form and documents, you will need to visit the authority office along with your government-issued identification, proof of residence (utility bills are accepted) and specific details of your vehicle.

This procedure is important as your car needs to be registered in the province you live in for the re-licensing process. It is important to remember that barring following procedure and re-registering your car can lead to hefty fines.

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