How to Recover During a Bad Interview

You’ve passed the first obstacle: landing the interview! Now you’ve worked yourself up so much that nerves have gotten the best of you. Now what? With these sample scenarios and tips on how to recover if you don’t perform your best, you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way in your next interview.

If you say something inappropriate during an interview simply because your nerves ran away with you, don’t fret. Take a deep breath, calm yourself down, and own up to your mistake. Recognition of your mistake and an apology will go a long way with the employer. Honest is always the best policy, so if your inappropriate comment was due to nerves, be honest and say so! The hiring manager will appreciate it, we promise.

If you freeze after being asked a question and completely blank on the answer, use this opportunity to send a follow-up email. In this email, you not only get to apologise and explain the situation, but you have the opportunity to confidently correct yourself. Explain that your nerves got the better of you, but that you do in fact know what you are talking about. Again, this honesty and effort to reach out will go a long way.

Does it feel counterintuitive to admit fault or weaknesses during an interview? We get it! You want to show your best self. But, the truth is that people are looking for real people to work alongside. No one likes a robot and someone with a perfectly crafted, cookie cutter response to every question may seem like the right candidate at first glance, but it can also come across as cliché and rehearsed rather than real.

If you showed a few weaknesses during your interview, just remember: be open and honest, own up to it, apologise, and correct yourself. Showing you can be accountable for your actions will work in your favour.

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