How to Read the Digital Room

We recently wrote an article about body language to look out for during zoom meetings. While it may seem simple to do, since we can see everyone’s faces, it simply isn’t the same as seeing people in person; sometimes cameras are zoomed in so that we cannot see hands and their gestures, for example.


If you are still having trouble reading the digital room during video conferencing, check out these tips!


  • Disable camera mode during your meeting (unless it is a requirement, of course). Worrying less about your own appearance will increase your ability to focus on the nonverbal cues of your colleagues.
  • Zoom your camera out so that people can see more than just your floating head. Take special note of how others react and interact with you once you have made this change.
  • Being on a video call does not give colleagues the right to mistreat you, but be mindful that we are all in stressful situations, especially when conducting meetings from home where there are distractions (and possibly children running around); some of us just may not be in the best mood or may seem a bit distracted. Try not to take these things too personally if they are one-offs.


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