How To Prepare Your Team For a Move Back To the Office

Remote working has been the new normal ensuring businesses stay on track and thrive in our pandemic-stricken world. However, with large chunks of the population getting vaccinated, several businesses are considering asking their employees to return to the office environment. But it is important to ensure this transition is smooth and seamless, both for employees and their employers. 


Gumtree offers tips and tricks for management and C-suite to help their employees through this process:

  1. Some employees may not feel safe coming back or are of the opinion that they are as productive at home as in the office. It is imperative that managers develop a plan for them.
  2. Most people have been working from home for over a year now and found a comfortable routine to work. As they return to work, it is important that their needs, efforts, and time is respected, allowing for some level of flexibility as they adjust.
  3. Working from home for such a long period of time has made employees re-evaluate their priorities and core beliefs. Managers must, therefore, help them realign their focus on business values for greater productivity and brand loyalty.
  4. Avoid micromanaging your employees who have spent over a year working from home with the freedom they need to thrive.
  5. Recognise that productivity can differ from employee to employee, without the need to push them constantly.
  6. Establish re-orientation programmes that will formalise employee re-entry into the office.
  7. Offer mental health resources and focus on employee well-being above all else. Offer them the opportunity to speak with mental health professionals when needed.


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