How to Prepare Kids for Vaccinations

Now, we’re not here to debate whether getting vaccinations is right or wrong. Every family will do what they feel is best for their children. But if you are one of those families that believes in the positive power of vaccinations, you may have some hesitations purely due to the worry of how your little ones will handle them. Here are a few tips to help prepare your kids ahead of time.

  1. Talk to your pediatrician or whoever will administer the vaccine ahead of your appointment so that there is plenty of time to make a plan that will work for your family. Every child has different healthcare needs, and if they have had a reaction in the past, you may have some concerns that your pediatrician can help with.
  2. Ensure your children have the most rest possible before and after the vaccine to ensure their immune systems handle them as best as possible. Good sleep can help increase the vaccine’s effectiveness, too.
  3. Give them medication containing acetaminophen or ibuprofen as soon as the vaccine has been administered. Ibuprofen is a great option due to its anti-inflammatory benefits. If given immediately, they should kick in within a half hour.
  4. If you have a newborn and are breastfeeding, consider feeding either during the vaccination or immediately after to help soothe the pain.
  5. If your children are old enough to understand basic conversation, talk to them about what will happen at the doctor’s office, that there will be a small sting that lasts only a few seconds, and why it will be good for them. Letting them know beforehand will help as often times the shock of having pain they were not expecting is half of the issue.
  6. Vaccinations demand a lot of their immune system, so avoid getting vaccinations one when your children are sick or very recently have gotten over an illness.
  7. Consider distraction during the vaccination, like singing their favourite song, putting on their favourite show on YouTube, or ringing a bell.

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