How to make money (and build a network) using Gumtree

Gumtree South Africa is the country’s biggest online classifieds site and many entrepreneurs have used it to generate extra income and to save money.

Micah Fourie, a mom who works from home in Brackenfell, uses Gumtree daily and shares a few of her tips for finding great deals and selling unwanted items.

Give items a second chance

Micah says the first thing she learned to do was to assess every single item for its value before giving it away or discarding. She has built a new habit and “the opportunity to sell items for cash that I would otherwise have thrown out has definitely had a positive impact on my life financially.”

Use the app

Micah says she prefers to use the Gumtree app on her phone for its convenience and accessibility. “I can walk through the house, take pictures and upload straight to Gumtree.”

Save by buying on Gumtree too

Not only does Micah use Gumtree to make a profit, she also uses it to hunt for bargains. One of the things she enjoys using it for is spoiling her kids without financial strain. “Sometimes you get really nice toys on the app and, if I know my little ones will like an item, I’ll buy it.”

Make contacts

Gumtree can be a brilliant networking tool. Micah says that she’s made friends with potential customers and valuable work contacts. “I have over the years met interesting people I wouldn’t have otherwise met and was able to get various job opportunities that contributed to my being able to work from home, all from Gumtree”.

Try the Gumtree app for yourself or start browsing the site.

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