How To Make a Career Shift Seamlessly

It is rightly said, “Nothing is permanent but change.” As a constantly evolving species, we are bound to make changes in our personal and professional lives. However, making a professional shift, such as a career change, can be a daunting task. Gumtree gives you the following tips and tricks for a smooth and seamless transition:

  1. The primary step is to determine why you want a career change – is it for more money? Greater job satisfaction? Growth? The answers to these pertinent questions can be useful in making future careers decisions.
  1. Make a list of pros and cons about your current job and determine your job satisfaction levels at present. Ideally, you would find recurring themes that dissatisfy you and these can be factors to avoid while making a career shift.
  1. Analyse your core skill set and interests that you can look to enhance when you make the career change.
  1. Take the advice of a reputed professional such as career counsellors who can assess your skills, values and passions to help find alternate careers paths.
  1. It is recommended to start slow and scale up as you are more confident and comfortable. Instead of quitting your current job, take up a part-time or internship in the new industry or line of work to understand its working and if it is the right fit for you.
  1. Use your network of colleagues, family and friends to connect with professionals in the new field you are interested in. It is also recommended to attend networking events and join networking groups to make new connections who can advice and help.

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