How to keep your dealership going during lockdown

The announcement of a full-scale national lockdown has come as a shock to many of us. This will result in three-weeks of dealership closures and the elimination of walk-in traffic. However, while fewer or no customers will be able to visit shop floors, there has been a marked shift in behaviour even leading up to this event: media consumption, including online media, has increased between 200-750% (depending on the channel).

Customers are still browsing for cars, but they are doing it exclusively online. Judging by what we’ve seen in the global market, there will a spike in enquiries and walk-in visits when the lockdown is lifted.

As such, we recommend the following:

  • Ensure that all stock available in live on Gumtree. Use the remote working time to assess live listings and pricing.
  • Promote your ads through features and keep bumping up. Stand out from the crowd.
  • Improve the Quality of your ads. All vehicles should have a price listed. Write an extremely detailed description: service/maintenance plans, warranties, finance, etc. The more information you include, the better quality leads you generate.
  • Remember that you now need to create a virtual showroom of your stock that resembles as closely as possible the touch and feel experience that the consumer would experience thorough a physical visit.
  • Use the data that you have available on GAIT to create e-mail & call lists, SMS campaigns and Whatsapp groups to stay in touch with your customers.

Feel free to reach out to the business development manager in your area for assistance and advice should you need any additional information. We are fully operational online during the lockdown.

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