How to Keep Your Car Clean with Pets

Pet owners know better than anyone that dirt, grime, slobber, and hair get absolutely everywhere when having your pets tag along on car rides. Our furry friends are a part of the family, so having them along is such a joy, especially if we can keep the mud and mess at bay. Here are a few top tips to help you keep your car clean with pets in tow.


  • Groom your dog before they get inside the vehicle. Some animals shed because they are nervous drivers, and some shed simply because it is a part of their genetic make-up. Brushing or combing them before heading out for a ride should significantly reduce the amount of dog hair left behind on your seats.
  • Cover your seats with a towel or dog blanket to keep hair and mud off your seats; this eliminates you having to clean the car seats at all. Simply throw the towel or blanket in the wash once you get home.
  • If you have multiple vehicles, choose one to be the dedicated vehicle for pets; this will eliminate your need to clean and deodorize more and one vehicle.
  • Restrain your pet with a crate, leash, or harness to avoid them jumping all over the seats and messing more than one area.
  • Use rubber floor mats to protect the carpet on the vehicle’s floor.
  • Keep a cleaning kit with you for longer trips in case you need to clean on the go. Include a micro-fibre cloth, plastic bags, a dog brush or comb, a lint brush, paper towels, wet wipes, and an air deodorizer.
  • If your dog sheds heavily, consider putting an adult t-shirt on them before heading out.
  • Clean your car as soon as you get home to avoid dog odours from lingering around.
  • If you happen to get dog hairs embedded into your fabric car seats, find a pair of household rubber gloves and rub your hands all over the seats. This should help dislodge the hairs. Another option is so use a fine grain pumice stone.


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