How To Grow Tomatoes In Your Yard

What is red, juicy and often confused for a vegetable? The humble tomato, of course! Every tomato lover has dreams of beautiful vines of tangy, aromatic tomatoes growing in their yard. But is it that easy? Gumtree gives you the ultimate tips and tricks to grow your own lush tomato plants:

  1. If you are using seeds to grow your tomatoes, give them enough space as the more crowded they are, the more inhibited their growth.
  1. Tomato seedlings need direct sunlight for about 14 to 18 hours a day. If you do not have sufficient sunlight, especially during winter days, we recommend investing in artificial plant lighting to do the trick.
  1. Tomato plants need breeze to strengthen their stems. You can use a small fan twice a day for 5 minutes each if the natural air circulation is not sufficient.
  1. Tomatoes are heat-loving so it is important to let the sun warm the soil before planting. Once heated and the seedlings planted, put down mulch to conserve water and prevent soil borne diseases.
  1. During the planting process, plant tomatoes deep enough so only the top leaves are visible. This will help the stem develop several roots, enhancing the over strength of the plant.
  1. Once your tomato plants become 3 feet tall, trim away the bottom most (and oldest) leaves as these may develop fungus that can destroy the whole plant.
  1. Remove all suckers that you may find where the two branches of the plant meet. These suck energy from the rest of the plant and do not bear any fruit.
  1. As a rule of thumb, give your tomato plants at least one inch of water every week and more during the hot summer months.

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