How to get over the fear of water and swimming

The sun is slowly but surely starting to poke its head ever so slightly out of the clouds and people are dusting off their ‘summer clothes’ as the cold weather prepares to takes its leave.

Beaches and pools, accompanied with some nice chops and wors on the braai, will soon become the order of the day in a bid to cool off. While some will be having the time of their lives in a watery eutopia, there is a select few that won’t be able to because they cannot swim.

Aquaphobia is a real thing and some people’s biggest fear is that of drowning and the thought of not being able to come up for air, so wetting the feet is the furthest they’ll go.

Gumtree lists a few tips that can help for those that fear getting in the water:

Get used to the water

Being able to swim is not something that can be rushed and slowly getting used to the water must be done one step at a time. Small things like walking around in the shallow end and splashing your face allows your body to feel at ease with the water.

Go deeper

Each swimming pool is different in depth, shape and size so gradually moving deeper into the water sets a limit for the next time you enter. You can also use a foam noodle or hold onto the side of the pool just to have added peace of mind.

Controlled environment

The best way to learn is when no one is watching and if you can, hiring a swimming instructor is even better because they have the patience to teach. Also, because you are forking out money, there is an added motivation to improve and not waste your money – at the same time.

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