How to Find Your Passion to Get That Dream Job

When looking for a job or paving the roadmap for your career, you will hear friends and family most often tell you to ‘follow your passion’. But is it that simple? Most times, it is difficult to pinpoint what that one thing is that you are passionate about to follow through for the rest of your life.

Gumtree offers the following tips and tricks to recognise your passion and build a valuable career based on it:

  1.     Keep an eye out for high points in your day or week. There may be certain days, tasks or meetings that you look forward to as they pique your interest and fuel your productivity. Similarly, there may be new experiences or unexpected circumstances that make you elated and turn into highlights of your day. Pay attention to these as these could very well define your passions.
  2.     Typically, we spend our time and money on things that interest us. It may be helpful to check your bank statements to determine if there is something you have been passionate about over a long period of time. Similarly, make a list of your favourite books, movies, TV shows and hobbies to compare and recognise any similar themes that you have spent a lot of time on.
  3.     Even when you interact with people socially, do you find yourself excited and animated to talk about certain topics? Maybe there are some themes that you are so adept at that you are able to teach others about them.
  4.     Make a list of your hard and soft skills. Can any of them be considered a passion? Or maybe you have natural skills that you are excellent at?
  5.     Now that you know what your interests are, explore different career paths to see what draws your interest. Read job descriptions, network with like-minded individuals and speak to senior members in your dream industry to get a better understanding of where you might fit.

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