How to Find the Right Pet Sitter for Your Furry Friends

The fact is, our furry friends are just as much a part of the family as anyone else So when it comes to finding the right pet sitter (for those who do not have the luxury of working from home, or if you simply like to get away from time to time), we understand the need to find just the right fit for your pets.

A good, experienced pet sitter will be someone who is experienced and knowledgeable with different types and breeds of pets. It is important to find someone who knows when a pet is in real distress and may need veterinary care, and someone who will spend the time to ensure your pets get enough exercise each day.

Once you’ve found a good potential sitter, ask these ten questions to see if they will be right for the job.

  1. What training have you received, if any, for pet care?
  2. Do you have references from past pet sitting jobs you have performed?
  3. Do you have a certification in First Aid and CPR?
  4. Do you have commercial liability insurance to cover against accidents and negligence while my pet is under your care?
  5. Will you record notes about my pet so that you remember their likes, dislikes, dears, medical conditions, medications, and routines?
  6. Are you associated with a veterinarian that is able to provide emergency care should my pet need it?
  7. Do you have a backup sitter you can recommend should you become ill or are unable to come to work?
  8. Do you provide any additional services like grooming, training, and dog walking?
  9. Will you provide a professional services contract?
  10. What are the exact times you agree to spend with my pet? Will these hours be outlined in the contract?

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